Our Story

My son Cade and daughter Ella are two very special blessings of mine! This is where Cadella’s gets its name. My passion for capturing memories with photos and my love for jewelry made this idea seem like the perfect combination!

Over time of gifting my friends and family with handmade photo jewelry, and hearing all the positive feedback on how this jewelry impacted anyone who had received it, made me feel like I needed to take this idea to the next level in order be able to share this product on a larger scale.

Over a couple years of designing this concept with the help of some amazing individuals my dream of this patent pending interchangeable photo design was brought to life!!

I wanted anyone to be able to enjoy the presence of any loved one or memory day by day by simply changing out your photo tile to fulfill your daily desire!

All the joy that this jewelry has brought to many makes creating every piece special and a passion of mine and my team!

Thank you to all the friends and family who have been encouraging and helpful in any way to make my dream for touching many lives in a positive way a reality!!!



Lost Loved One